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Record Retention News for New Mexico Real Estate Brokers

Today our blog focuses on the State of New Mexico. According to the New Mexico Real Estate Commission if you are a broker in New Mexico, you’re required to retain your records for three (3) years. We always include the actual regulation itself because we know our readers often need to see the actual research itself. So, if you need to see the law, then click on this link and scroll down till you see section on Record Maintenance.

Three years isn’t that bad. Most external hard drives would probably suffice. So what’s the advantage of using an online backup service? And what’s the advantage of using Filetwin? Two good questions, so here’s our answers:

1. Online Backup turns a manual process into an automated process. Right now, you have to remember to do the backup – and this is where most problems stem from – people forget to do the backup and that’s when your files will decide it’s time to get corrupted. With online backup, the process happens automatically. Now, this might not sound like a big deal, but once you get to see the software in action, and see that it does what it’s supposed to do, all your data is safe and you DON’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING. There are many other virtues to online backup but this is the most popular we keep hearing feedback on.

2. Why Filetwin? Because we focus on regulated businesses. We don’t charge absorbent pricing to help you during an incident of data loss. We’ve hear story after story about low cost online backup providers who, once an incident happens, tried to charge a client $300 to help them restore their data. Ya see – there’s always a catch when a service charges under $10 to safeguard your critical digital files. Would you feel safe if the bank where you stored your jewels locked up the front door with a padlock??

In summary, Filetwin knows your industry. We know how to deal with customers in distress. In fact, we train our Backup Specialists in Escalated Customer Service Strategies so they’ll remain on-the-ball when crisis hits your company or office. To continue this conversation in person, please feel free to contact us at 1 877 310-2884. All of our Backup Specialists are located in the U.S. and we also offer bi-lingual speaking Customer Service Representatives.

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Arizona Department of Real Estate Record Retention Requirements for Brokers

Today, we’re blogging about real estate record retention laws in the state of Arizona. Brokers are required to retain their files for five (5) years in Arizona according to Specifically, the Arizona Administrative Code refers to rule R4-28-B1211 which addresses Recordkeeping. In that rule, they refer to A.R.S. § 32-2151.01(A) and (C) which oultines the length of time brokers need to retain files. We’ve provided the specific link to the Arizona State Legislature.

So, now that we’ve provided all the research you’d need to follow through if you’re a broker in Arizona, the next step is to persuade you to try online file backup using Filetwin. There are many providers of online backup service, so why Filetwin? In our humble opinion, here’s why we’re the only solution to your record retention concerns:

1. We focus on regulated industries so we are accutely aware of your needs and concerns. Other backup providers are difficult to communicate with in a time of crisis. We’re a phone call away. Specializing allows us to offer that higher level of service to our customers.

2. Given the above, we’re not the cheapest solution in town, but we are the most reliable service when you’ve run into any kind of data loss.

3. We’ve written a blog on almost every state in the U.S. and are intimately familiar with the real estate industry.

4. Once you’ve backed up your data; it’s accessible anytime and anywhere.

5. Let’s talk implementation – if your office just uses desktops without any servers, then it’s just a matter of installing some software, setting up the days and time you want your backup to take place and then finally choosing the files you want to backup. These 3 easy steps helps you stay compliant and satisfy the intent of the law.

Obviously, talking to someone in person is the next step in the vendor evaluation process, so we invite you to contact us a t 1 877 310-2884 and speak with one of our U.S. based Backup Specialists in person. We look forward to continuing this conversation with you.

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As we scan across the nation, today we’ll focus on Montana. Brokers in Montana are required to hold their records for five (5) years for trust accounts and proprty management transactions according to The Montana Board of Realty Regulation. This is similar to several states in the U.S. The norm seems to be anywhere from 3 to 5 years, with the odd state coming in with regulations at 6 or 7 years.

In the regulations, it states ”all required trust account records may be maintained electronically but must be maintained in a manner to permit auditing”. This is good news if you’re a Filetwin user. Why? Because we present you with your files in a file tree similar to that which you’re already accustomed to if you use Windows Explorer.

Exploring Backed Up Files using Filetwin

Additionally, since Montana requires five (5) years, it’s prudent to keep in mind that Google even has proven that the average life expentancy of a hard drive is five (5) years. The proof can be found if you read this article from Google. We also recommend you watch our YouTube video snippet regarding the use of traditional storage media versus online backup. Basically, using online backup is the most reliable backup alternative if you’re required by regulations or laws to retain your records for such and extended period of time.

Remember this, it’s always easy to do nothing and just continue with current procedures, however, what’s important to keep in mind is that when something goes wrong and data is lost the cost of reproducing those records is way more expensive than if you made a small investment when you still had a chance. Yes, we did say investment because the overwhelming obstacles is normally a financial justification. We prefer to look at safeguarding your digital records as an investment because we’ve seen the horror stories surrounding data loss.

If you’d like to continue this conversation in person, please feel free to contact one of our U.S. based customer service representatives at 1 877 310-2884 and they’ll be glad to speak with you.

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