Preparing for the 2011 Hurricane Season

As the storm season approaches, we’re starting to let businesses know well in advance that it’s prudent to prepare in advance. As Americans, we are normally reactive as opposed to proactive. We respond well to things but we aren’t very adept at avoiding issues. According to The Tropical Meteorology Project the 2011 hurricane season should be very active. If you look at the chart below, and when you consider the other natural events taking place around the world, indeed it’s prudent to prepare now!

2011 Storm Season

With these kind of percentages, we thought it worthwhile to bring up the topic of online backup now. It’s always a good thing to implement policies that support business continuity so we are offering a free trial at so your business can experience how easy it is to backup files online and stay compliant if you’re a regulated business.

Remember, hard drives, jump drives and CDs can get lost, stolen or damaged very easily. With online backup, it simple, secure and the smart thing to do. If you’re worried about cost, it’s important to put cost in perspective. How much would you pay to have all your data restored in a time of crisis? If you said $11.95 for your PC or $44.95 for a server than you might want to call us. One of our U.S. based Backup Specialists will be glad to continue this conversation. Just call us at 1 877-310-2884.

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Today, we focus our real estate broker record-keeping research on the State of Utah. Brokers in Utah are required to maintain records for at least three (3) years according to

Often these regulations require the broker to keep files at their place of business or have other minor stipulations in regards to storing their records. Filetwin allows you to satisfy the intent of the regulations because your digital assets are backed up on our servers and accessible online through your office computer. Keep in mind that we backup broker dealers regulated through the SEC and they are required to maintain digital records for six (6) years so if you just have half the length to worry about, then Filetwin will server you well.

We created a video to help people understand the flaws with traditional storage media like a hard drive or CD-DVD. Click on this link to check out our video

Hopefully, if you’re a broker in Utah, we’ve answered your questions. If you’d like to ask us more questions, you can submit a comment on this blog or call us directly at 1 877 310-2884 and one of our U.S. based Backup Specialists will be pleased to continue this conversation.

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As we continue our research across the U.S. searching for record retention rules for real estate brokers , today’s Blog will focus on the state of Oregon. If you’re a broker in Oregon, you’re required to hold your records for not less than six (6) years. That’s according to the State of Oregon’s Real Estate Commission. Specifically, rule 696.280 clearly outlines the regulation and you can check it out for yourself by following this link You will have to scroll down to find section 696.280 (it’s about half way down the page).

What was interesting is that the regulation stipulates records may be maintained in any format that allows for inspection and copying by the commissioner or the commissioner’s representatives. If the broker can use any method they want to store records, it seems as though most brokers simply resort to cardboard boxes or hard drives. We created a video that we want to share with people regarding the issues with traditional storage media

In summary, Oregon ranks right up there with Connecticut and New Jersey for states with above normal retention requirements. As a result, traditional storage media is NOT recommended for brokers in Oregon because they are required to hold records longer than most storage media is capable of lasting. To continue this conversation with one of our Backup Specialists please contact us at 1 877 310-2884 and we’d be glad to answer any questions you might have.

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