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A Security Imperative

Most business owners know that they should keep a duplicate copy of mission-critical business data. The major question becomes where. Do you keep a copy in the office? Do you keep multiple copies in various locations – one copy in the office, another copy at the home of one of the officers of the company?

Once you’ve decided where and how you’ll store your vital data, one major concern that seems to rear its head frequently is the security of stored data. Often, people’s definition of security is defined as “it’s here with me, therefore, it must be secure”.

Google has presented reports that show the lifespan of the average hard drive. Hard drive mortality rates significantly rise at the three (3) to five (5) year threshold. Most compliance regulations require businesses to hold files for that length of time. Let’s assume your hard drive crashed and all that data was lost or corrupted. How would you comply with your regulating body? Frequently, we are told that even though people have the hardware to perform their own backups, they forget to actually do the backup.

Business backup is nothing to take lightly. Most small businesses pay too much attention to economical solutions only to find higher costs awaiting them at the PC repair store. Business backup is not something that you have to attend to everyday if you find the right solution.

Why is Filetwin the right solution?

We are the only solution to your business backup issues because:

1. Our customer service standards are extremely high.
2. Software is automated so you just set it and forget it.
3. You get reports to confirm the backup occurred.
4. We can perform local “seed” backups which keeps your bandwidth available for business matters.
5. You can access your files anytime and anywhere.

Business backup has to meet several criteria to really serve the needs of small businesses facing compliance regulations:

1. Data has to be secured so access is limited to authorized personnel only.
2. Data has to be recoverable - promptly.
3. Data cannot be deleted.
4. Data has to be stored for extended periods of time.
5. Data should be located in a different location than the original.

Filetwin software satisfies the intent of the law for most compliance regulations regarding electronically stored media. The security of your business backup is of paramount importance to us. We strive to improve upon our improvements so your data remains safe in our Data Centers.
In summary, small businesses must take their business backup seriously. The days of using economical storage solutions in place of effective long-term solutions that might cost a little more need to come to an abrupt stop. If you’ve lost data on your computer because it was lost, stolen or became corrupted, then you know that it would have been a good idea to spend a little more money upfront because when disaster strikes; it’s too late.

Filetwin has business desktop plans starting at $11.95 per month and developed a special pricing plan for regulated businesses for $134.95 per month, about the cost of your voice and data plan on an iPhone, you can securely backup your business and satisfy any regulating body by using Filetwin’s business online backup.

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