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Every small business takes precautions to protect their digital files. Wrong.

Perhaps a better way to describe the reality of the secure data storage situation is that small businesses generally take the path of least resistance when it comes to information technology.


Because more often than not, small business owners stroll into Best Buy or Office Depot after a computer crash or searching for some sort of storage medium to safeguard their digital files. Since it’s the Salesperson’s job to sell you electronics, they’re likely to suggest an external hard drive and you’re likely to believe them because after all, Best Buy and Office Depot are the experts, right? Wrong again. Whose interests do they really have in mind? Yours or theirs? Well if you think it’s yours, then you’re in more trouble than we can help you with. In all seriousness, they have their interests in mind. Selling you an external hard drive isn’t doing you a disservice, but it isn’t really offering you the smartest, simplest or most secure solution to your data security concerns.

Hard drives store data; they don’t offer the maximum data security for your files.

Notice our illustration below. The hard drive is a logical recommendation for storage of digital files; however, storage in “the cloud” is the new new thing in data security. Here’s why:

Data Backup and Storage Evolution

1. At Filetwin, we use 256-bit AES encryption for your data security.

2. We employ a 256-bit encrypted secure connection using an SSL certificate to allow data to travel securely to Filetwin over the Internet.

3. Once your files are off-site and secure, you never have to worry about secure data storage and disgruntled employees since access is limited to authorized users. External hard drives store data but don’t really offer the data security your small business needs.

4. In the cloud, servers are in remote locations – this is a smart move because now you won’t have to worry about hardware concerns. Filetwin, as your cloud storage provider, maintains all the hardware equipment in our Data Centers. You no longer have to worry about hardware loss or corruption.

5. The Filetwin software automatically backs up your files so data security isn’t dependant on someone remembering to do their backup.

In conclusion, we strongly recommend using Filetwin for your data security needs because storing files in a remote location takes the general technological headaches out of the data security equation. You won’t have to worry if you’re hard drive is almost full, you won’t have to worry if you remembered to do your backup, you won’t have to worry about data security because your data is safer with us than on your own hard drive.

Filetwin offers you unlimited hard drive space WITH encryption, verification reporting, anywhere/anytime access, automatic backups and authenticated access for enhanced data security. Can your hard drive do that?

Filetwin has business desktop plans starting at $11.95 per month and developed a special pricing plan for regulated businesses for $134.95 per month, about the cost of your voice and data plan on an iPhone, you can securely backup your business and satisfy any regulating body by using Filetwin’s secure business online backup.

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