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ften we encounter small businesses that are reluctant to try new software services. Do we blame them? Not at all. In fact, I can relate to them. I think everyone has, at one time or another, felt like it might be risky to keep their sensitive information online. Things like credit card information, personal details and information like your driver’s license number are all things we want to keep safe.

As people are more comfortable having personal information on sites like Facebook and LinkedIn and sites like Amazon, GoDaddy (and now even Papa John’s Pizza) store your personal and financial information so you can quickly summon it up place your order online. These sites are breaking down barriers and weakening the perception that data isn’t secure if stored online.

Small businesses are the catalyst to this paradigm-shifting trend of storing mission critical digital assets . By storing mission-critical files in “the cloud” you can access those files anytime and anywhere. With our very existence then, Filetwin is faced with a major security imperative. So our mission was developed - To continue providing online highly secured remote file storage to small businesses in regulated industries with mission-critical digital assets.

We learned from several people who were downright honest when we spoke to them and in a nutshell…they couldn’t visualize what was happening to their files and folders so they weren’t comfortable trying our service and continued doing what they always did.

This seemed fair enough, so we set out to create a visual depiction of exactly how our product works for you. We believe once you see the product in action, then any security questions will be satisfied and you’ll find that your files are actually safer with us than on your computer.

Let’s begin with a simple file that you need to backup and retain for an extended retention period.

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The Filetwin software makes a clone of that file which will be sent to our servers for long-term retention. Now two copies of that file exist – the original and its clone.

Filetwin File Clone

The next step is to encrypt that cloned file so it’s secure during transmission to the Filetwin Data Center and during its residency with us.

Filetwin Encrypted File Clone


This process occurs in nanoseconds, but when completed, it’s important to note that the file residing with Filetwin is in fact more secure than the original file on your computer….we encrypted our copy!

Strong Encryption for SMB Backup

Finally, once we have all of the files cloned and encrypted, then they are transmitted through the Internet to the Filetwin Data Center. Once they arrive, they are stored with their encryption until you need to recall those files.

Strong Encryption Online Backup Process


In summary, your data isn’t really stored online. Rather, your data simply travels through the Internet during backup transmissions.  Once the files leave your computer and arrive at the Filetwin Data Center, those files are better protected than those same files which are still on your computer.


Filetwin has business desktop plans starting at $11.95 per month and developed a special pricing plan for regulated businesses for $134.95 per month, about the cost of your voice and data plan on an iPhone, you can securely backup your business and satisfy any regulating body by using Filetwin’s business online backup.

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