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Windows 2000 Server Backup


Filetwin is compatible with Windows 2000 Server and Windows Small Business Server 2000. We understand companies sometimes cannot run the latest versions of Windows due to business software requirements.

With Filetwin, companies running legacy systems get a reliable way to create regular server backups for small, medium and large businesses. Should the day come that your company suffers a server failure or other disaster, they can now restore their server from the latest backup fully.

Our enhanced backup features allow companies to restore individual files, data and e-mail messages. Filetwin’s rich features allow access to data through the Filetwin Backup Server Client or through the Internet using any browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Did you know…Filetwin offers unlimited free support to clients. We can assist a business owner, in-house IT departments or even connect to your system remotely and install the Filetwin Server Backup client for you. We take data storage serious and understand companies sometimes feel they are alone. Filetwin can take the guess-work out by setting up everything for your organization…did we mention this is a free service?

Backup Windows Server 2000 Platforms

Filetwin’s smart, simple and secure service allows companies to easily setup their backup schedules using the Filetwin backup software client or through the online client management console. Companies get full flexibility to create and fully customize how they want their Windows 2000 Server system to be backed-up.

With Filetwin, you can backup installed server services like:

  • Microsoft Exchange – Filetwin can backup and restore the whole MS Exchange database or each user individually.
  • MS SQL Backup – Filetwin can backup SQL data bases fully and incrementally.
  • Enterprise Applications – Filetwin is compliant with all MS Windows applications and file types giving companies full reliability when it comes to business data.

Filetwin is an offsite and online service designed to perform business backups on MS Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 systems, as well as workstations running Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP Pro, Windows 2000 and even Windows NT servers. Filetwin incorporates the strictest business standards to meet business regulated environments which require proper data backup, version control and retention policies.

With Filetwin, you can also backup Mac, backup Linux and Netware operating systems.

Business online backup solutions for small, medium (SMB) and enterprise businesses.

Filetwin has business desktop plans starting at $11.95 per month and developed a special pricing plan for regulated businesses for $134.95 per month, about the cost of your voice and data plan on an iPhone, you can securely backup your business and satisfy any regulating body by using Filetwin’s business online backup.

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